Albuquerque Business Photographer Kate Livingston

Me in one word: Eclectic

If you check out my LinkedInprofile, you’ll see that I have quite an eclectic background from stenography and small business owner, to photography, business development, inside sales, analyst relations & marketing. My most recent background includes more than 10 years of experience in sales & marketing in the complex technology B2B space.

I am a first-born and an Aries, which means that I am driven. When I set my mind to something, there's no looking back.

In 2006 I made the decision to move to New Mexico with my son, and it was the most incredible adventurous, positive change in our lives. Living in the Southwest was my childhood dream, and every day when I look outside my window and see the beautiful Sandia Mountain, it's a 'pinch-me' moment.

My greatest sense of peace is when I'm alone with my camera and the outdoors. It's rejuvenating soul-food to me.

Random info about me:

I love Westerns, sunflowers, wide open spaces, horses, and dogs.

Pinterest helped me love to cook.

I believe Sundays are all about coffee in bed while browsing Pinterest, and Friday nights are designed to wind down with a glass of red wine.

I’m a straight shooter.

I didn’t really find myself until I was in my 30s, and now I make no apologies for who I am.

My first job was at a local ice cream stand.

I am kick-ass at cold-calling.

I love life!


  • Albuquerque Business Photographer Kate Livingston
  • Albuquerque Business Photographer Kate Livingston
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